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We have a family member who is transgender. The family member went through a transition from female-to-male and now goes by “Uncle,” instead of “Auntie.” This was a question my 2.5-year-old asked this family member and his brilliantly simple response.

2.5-year-old: Do you have a penis?

Transgender Family Member: No.

2.5-year-old: But I thought you were a boy.

Transgender Family Member: Well… most boys are born with penises. But a few aren’t. So, I’m just a boy that was born without a penis.

2.5-year-old: OK. Can I go play now?

Remember, folks, kids are born knowing how to eat, sleep and poop. That’s it. Acceptance and tolerance can be taught just as easily as discrimination.


My 3-year-old son saw a wedding dress in a store window and asked what it was. I told him it was a special dress that ladies wear when they get married.

3-Year-Old: Can boys wear dresses?

Me: Yes, if they want to.

3-Year-Old: Do you wear dresses, Papa?

Me: No.

3-Year-Old: Why?

Me: Because I’m a boy who likes to wear pants. Some boys and girls like dresses, others like pants. We wear whatever we feel comfortable in.

3-Year-Old: I want to wear my penis.